Ungarala Rambabu Movie Review

Release Date : 18-09-2017
Ungarala Rambabu Story 1.5
Screenply 1.5
Direction 1.5
Songs 1.5
Background Score 1.5

Overall Rating 1.5


A slew of low-budget movies were released on Friday, among them ‘Ungarala Rambabu’, which features comedian turned lead actor Sunil, and Miya George, a debutante Malayali actor. Ungarala Rambabu is directed by the critically acclaimed director Kranthi Madhav. It’s lead actor Sunil has been desperately looking for a good break and he appeared to have great expectations from this movie.

Rambabu (Sunil) is from a rich family but the debts left by his deceased gran-dfather makes him a pauper. He seeks divine intervention in the form of one Badam Baba (Posani), who tells him to plant a sapling on a vacant piece of land. Sunil digs the soil to plant the sapling and unearths gold biscuits worth Rs 200 crore. This discovery obviously turns around his life. He clears all his debts and sets up a travel company.

Savitri (Miya George), joins the company and loses her heart to him. She devises a plan to get close to Rambabu by making use of his blind belief in astrology. While her plan succeeds, in that Rambabu falls in love with her, it does not lead to the happy ending. The reason: Her father's ideology.

Nayar (Prakash Raj), the father of Savitri, is a Communist leader in Kerala and hates capitalists. So Rambabu moves to Kerala to impress upon Savitri’s father that he can be trusted and that capitalists are also humans.

On the whole, the film is mediocre. It is surprising that a critically acclaimed director like Kranthi, who has directed films of the calibre of Onamalu and Mallu Malli Idi Rani Roju, has made such an unimpressive film.

Sunil is a famous comedian, but his role in this film has nothing to do with comedy. It is in indeterminate territory - neither a comedy nor a serious film. Sunil has concentrated more on his dancing. His dialogues and mannerisms are outdated.

While Miya George looks good, she doesn’t have much of a role. Prakash Raj as the Communist leader is a cakewalk for the veteran actor. While cinematography by Sarvesh Murari is good, the dialogues are not impressive, the comic scenes are outdated, and the music is below average.  The nays overrule the ayes. The film is a complete dud. Don’t waste your time and money by watching it.