Saptagiri LLB Movie Review

Release Date : 10-12-2017
Saptagiri LLB Story 2.25
Screenply 2.25
Direction 2.25
Songs 2.25
Background Score 2.25

Overall Rating 2.25


Saptagiri joins the ranks of comedians turning lead actors with Saptagiri LLB, a remake of the four-year-old Jolly LLB. Director Charan Lakkakula has added a few action scenes and songs to project Saptagiri in the typical Tollywood mould.

If you expect a laugh riot from Saptagiri, one of the leading comedians, you will be disappointed. Subhash Kapoor, the story writer of Jolly LLB, had packed the film with humour that did not detract from the main plot. The same cannot be said of the Telugu version. Saptagiri (Saptagiri) a small-time lawyer from Chittoor district, fails to win a case, and moves to Hyderabad to gain some experience and a name.

He witnesses popular criminal lawyer Rajpal (Sai Kumar) successfully defend Rohith, hailing from a rich family, who is accused of running over six persons while drunk. Saptagiri decides to taken on Rohith, knowing he is up against a famous lawyer with vast experience and a great track record. Judge Siva Prasad (Siva Prasad) too warns Saptagiri that he should come up with strong evidence against Rohith. The director manages to make an interesting second half with gripping court episodes.

Saptagiri has done a decent job but the comedy is missing. One can’t understand why the actor is sent off to dance in foreign locales, and get involved in a huge action scene. Sai Kumar plays Boman Irani’s role in the original, and gives Satpagiri LLB strong support. Siva Prasad who enacts Saurabh Shukla’s role as judge comes good. These two actors are the pillars of the Telugu version and make the film watchable, though they cannot match the actors of Jolly LLB. The songs are loud and irritating. The female lead has nothing to do except appear in songs.  Shakala Shankar provides a few laughs. Producer Kiran also dons a role and looks decent. Cinematography is average.