Inttelligent Movie Review

Release Date : 11-02-2018
Inttelligent Story 1
Screenply 1
Direction 1
Songs 1
Background Score 1

Overall Rating 1


V.V. Vinayak is one of the top directors of Tollywood and when he teams up with Sai Dharam Tej, who gave four consecutive flops, it stirs up curiosity. It’s a testing time for director Vinayak as his earlier film with Chiranjeevi was a big hit, but that was a remake, so he didn’t have to use much of his skills.

Before that film he delivered a dud with Akhil. So the question arises, did this film work better for them? Coming to the plot, Nanda Kishore (Nasser) runs a software company and does social service.  Teju (Sai Dharam Tej) is working in the same software company.

Rival software companies envy  Nanda Kishore’s reputation for his generosity. So they approach a mafia don Vicky Bhai (Rahul Dev) to take over Nanda Kishore’s company. Pressurised, a depressed Nanda Kishore sells the company to Vicky Bhai and then commits suicide. Teju decides to find the truth behind the death and plans to bring back the company to his family.  How he confronts the villains and takes revenge, forms the crux of the story.

There have been many surprises in Tollywood recently. With Agnyaathavaasi being a flop, people wondered how a top director like Trivikram delivered such a big dud. Now there’s another one,   and this time it’s from director Vinayak, who’s currently enjoying a ‘star director’ status in Tollywood.

His film Inttelligent is another big shock since it is a  complete  failure in all departments. Looking back, it’s  the worst  Vinayak product  till now. Even his earlier flop Akhil seems better now. It also shows that sometimes the big and ‘intelligent’ directors may make some unintelligent films. Poor Sai Dharam Tej, who already delivered four consecutive flops as a lead actor, has worse ahead of him with this Inttelligent — a most unintelligent choice for an actor!

To make things worse, Akula Siva penned a senseless story for this and director V.V. Vinayak believed him, because both of them had delivered some super hits like Lakshmi, Krishna and Nayak. One wonders how  VInayak agreed to film this story when there is not a single interesting scene. It’s a normal revenge theme where the protagonist decided to take on the bad guys  when they killed a good guy.

Every character is wooden-faced and lacking in expression and most of the baddies are non-Telugus, so the dubbing is  irritating. Director Vinayak has completely lost his touch and form. He should take his time before choosing his next project. Worse, they’ve  spoiled the image of Chiranjeevi. The makers inserted a remix song Chamak Chamak, one of the best songs of Chiranjeevi from his film Kondaveeti Donga. We hope  Chiranjeevi doesn’t watch  this song.

When it comes to the performances, there is no great performance. Sai Dharam Tej plays a software engineer and he looks the part. All his earlier films are better when compared to his performance in this film. Lavanya Tripathi is beautiful and her role is limited to songs. Most of the others  like Dev Gill, Rahul Dev are expressionless and they never look natural in the film. Vineet Kumar, who plays home minister might seem a little annoying. Top comedian Brahmanandam is shown in a poor light his scenes don’t  provide any laughs, only a splitting headache.

Another big jolt for the film is the music,  provided by S.S. Thaman. The music director, appreciated for his work in  recently released films, doesn’t seem to have given his best.

The dialogues are also not impressive. The cinematography is  mediocre. This film fails in all departments. Inttelligent is one of the worst films released recently in Tollywood. Intelligence level Zero.