Nakshatram Movie Review

Release Date : 07-08-2017
Nakshatram Story 1.5
Screenply 1.5
Direction 1.5
Songs 1.5
Background Score 1.5

Overall Rating 1.5


In the recent times, popular director Krishna Vamsi has failed to hit the bullseye at the box office. His movies, however, always get the attention of filmgoers and critics thanks to his quality of film making. In his latest offering Nakshatram, he narrates a story that revolves around a uniform of an unknown police officer and it tries to tell us the old cliché of every citizen must take law into his hands fight against ills in the society. The movie begins with a young Rama Rao (Sundeep Kishan), who lives with his mother (Tulasi) at a police colony, aspiring to become a police officer. As the story proceeds further, he falls in love with Jamuna (Regina), a junior artiste, who is the daughter of a police driver Seetha Ram (Sivaji Raja).

Rama Rao clears a written test to join a police team instituted by city police commissioner (Prakash Raj) to probe a bomb blast that killed many people in Hyderabad. But as he was on his way to attend the physical test, the baddie — the police chief’s son (Tanish) — obstructs him, which makes him miss on his lifelong ambition. The commissioner’s son heads a mafia gang that supplies drugs and arms in Hyderabad. Sensing his urge to fight ills in society, Rama Rao’s girlfriend Janaki gifts him a police uniform, who subsequently forms the core of the film. Wearing the uniform, he fights anti-social elements without actually being a police officer.

During another bomb blast, CC cameras manage to capture just the uniform of Rama Rao, which is pinned with a nameplate claiming him to be Alexander. The recording catches attention of the police chief and the subsequent story revolves around his moves to find the unknown police officer and the mafia gang head. Sai Dharam Tej plays Alexander in a cameo role of a police officer, while Pragya Jaiswal enacts the role of Kiran Reddy, an IPS officer, a member of bomb blast probe team, and the fiancée of Alexander. Alexander again returns in the second half of the movie.

Krishna Vamsi is known for directing several good movies like Gulabi, Sindhooram, Khadgam and Murari, which also became big hits. But this offering does not match the standards that his earlier movies had set and it appears that he lost his magic touch. The plot is too naive to believe. He failed to link different parts of the narrative in a coherent way. While the movie has a few interesting scenes, most of them are a drag. The romantic scenes between Sundeep Kishan and Regina are too boring. Pragya Jaiswal’s character was not properly established; a supposedly international mafia gang in the film all but looks really global and portrayal of its head — the commissioner’s son and the villain — was not convincing. Most of the timings, songs had attraction in Krishna Vamsi’s films. Even on this count, Nakshatram fails to inspire anybody. Shriya’s special song was a waste of time and not connected to the film.

The actors too haven’t performed well in the movie. While Sundeep Kishan tried to do his best, Prakash Raj’s played the commissioner’s in a predictable manner. Sai Dharam Tej did a good job in his brief appearance as Alexander. Regina Cassandra appears to have been enlisted into the film only for glamour. Pragya Jaiswal, however, has got a good role and performed well. Tanish goes overboard as the villain and Tulasi and Sivaji Raja have overplayed their roles. There are many unnecessary scenes which unnecessarily increased the duration of the film at least by half an hour. Except for Sundeep Kishan, the film is boring. You can definitely give it a miss!