Gayatri Movie Review

Release Date : 11-02-2018
Gayatri Story 2
Screenply 2
Direction 2
Songs 2
Background Score 2

Overall Rating 2


Mohan Babu, who has acted is some 550 films in his long career, is making a comeback with the film Gayatri. He plays a dual role, which he played many years back. The film is directed by Madan Ramineni of Pellaina Kothalo fame.

Mohan Babu plays Dasari Sivaji who runs an orphanage named after his late wife Sarada (Shriya Saran). He is also a stage artiste and master of disguise, a talent with which he serves time prison in place of high-profile criminals and returns to normal life once out on bail. Kind-hearted he also funds orphanages. He wants to find his daughter Gayatri (Nikhila Patel) who he lost 25 years ago. After a few twists and turns Sivaji finds his daughter and is about to meet her when a cruel Gayatri Patel (also played by Mohan Babu) enters the scene and asks Sivaji to replace him in prison, else he will destroy the orphanage and the kids and his daughter. Actually, Gayatri Patel sentenced to death, but Sivaji does not know this and agrees to go to prison.

The story is good but could be better. The problem is that just one character dominates the film — Mohan Babu. So, the first half is a bore and drags too much. It’s mostly about Sivaji and his lost daughter. The second half is more interesting with the entrance of the villainous Mohan Babu. The flashback episode with Vishnu Manchu and Shriya Saran comes out well. Mohan Babu is better as the villain Gayatri Patel. The satirical dialogues on political leaders are hilarious.

Vishnu Manchu, who plays the younger Mohan Babu, performs well. Shriya Saran pairs with Vishnu in the flashback and she does so gracefully. Anasuya plays a journalist and a new girl Nikhila Vimala play Gayatri. But their roles are restricted. Sivaprasad as Mohan Babu’s friend plays the supporting role well. Gayatri is all about Mohan Babu. The versatile actor has nothing to prove, but it is interesting to see him play the villain after many years. The film also feels dated; you feel you are watching an old film, not one made today. This film is strictly for Mohan Babu fans; for others, the choice is yours, as Mohan Babu says in one of his dialogues.