Naruda Donoruda Movie Review

Release Date : 05-11-2016
Naruda Donoruda Story 2
Screenply 1.75
Direction 1.75
Songs 2
Background Score 2

Overall Rating 2


Sumanth is back after a two year gap with Naruda Donoruda, the remake of the hit Hindi film, Vicky Donor. Also, Mallik Ram makes his debut as director while Pallavi Subhash is making her Telugu debut. Fertility expert Dr Anjaneyulu (Thanikella Bharani) runs a small clinic and sperm bank in Old City. He is on the lookout for a good sperm donor and comes across Vicky (Sumanth), a jobless man living with his widow mother (Sri Lakshmi) who runs a beauty parlour. When the doctor approaches Vicky for buying his sperm, he doesn’t like the idea, but later agrees because the money is good. And though he makes a lot of money, he keeps the sperm donation a secret.

He then meets a Bengali girl, Ashima Roy (Pallavi Subash), working at a bank. The two fall in love and marry. But trouble starts once Ashima comes to know what her husband’s real job is. Those who have seen Vicky Donor will know what happens next. The Hindi film was lauded for its story, and lead actor Ayushmann Khurana and Annu Kapoor’s acting. There was a lot of comedy and emotions too. However, the Telugu version has not managed to pull it off. Director Mallik Ram has not managed to bring out the emotions in the characters. The dialogues, however, are good and entertaining. But the engagement episode of the Bengali family vs the Telugu family is irritating and stretches too long.

One cannot remake a film scene by scene, but the original feelings have to be conveyed, which is missing in the Telugu version. When it comes to performances, Sumanth is good and has tried his best. However, he slips up in a few scenes. Thanikella Bharani plays the key role and it is he who lifts the film with his dialogues and performance. Though he went overboard in a few scenes, he is the best in the film. Pallavi Subhash looks beautiful and she does her part well. Sri Lakshmi and Suman Shetty too get noticed after a long time.

Technically too, the film is nothing great as the cinematography and music is average. The scenes between Sri Lakshmi and her mother-in-law also are plain irritating. Also, the film may not be suitable for Telugu audiences as in most of scenes, the characters are seen drinking. To sum up, Naruda Donaruda is a fresh subject which could have been made much better. Except for Thanikella Bharani’s performance in a few scenes, the movie has nothing interesting. And it’s not a good comeback for Sumanth.