Majnu Movie Review

Release Date : 26-09-2016
Majnu Story 2.5
Screenply 2.5
Direction 3
Songs 3
Background Score 3

Overall Rating 3


After four consecutive hits, actor Nani is back with 'Majnu,' which sees actresses Anu Emmanuel and Priya Shri making their debut in Telugu.

Aditya (Nani) from Bheemavaram town is working as an assistant director with filmmaker Rajamouli for the film 'Baahubali'. He sees a girl, Suma (Priya Shri), and follows her. When the two start talking, he tells her abut his old love, Kiran (Anu Emmanuel), and how it did not work out and how he left Bheemavaram to forget Kiran.

Impressed with his frankness, Suma falls in love with him. But after talking about his old love, Aditya realises that he is still in love with Kiran.

After the 2014 hit 'Uyyala Jumpala'Director Virinchi Varma has made a comeback with a love story involving a man and two women. However, it’s not a routine love triangle. He has taken a simple love story without any big twists and turns. The narration too has been kept simple.

The film interestingly opens with director Rajamouli and then Nani is shown as an assistant director. The flashback love track between Nani and Anu Emmanuel is shown beautifully.

Performance wise, Nani proves once again why he is one of the best actors in Tollywood. He is good at romantic stories and it has worked in his favour in the film, especially in the first half.

Of the two leading ladies, Anu Emmanuel is not only looking beautiful, but has also given an excellent performance. Priya Shri is also good.

Vennela Kishore shines as a taxi driver who pretends that he doesn’t know Telugu. But the swimming pool scene between Nani and him is boring. Satya role as Nani’s friend is good, as are director Rajamouli and actor Raj Tharun’s cameos.

The cinematography by V.S. Gnanasekhar is good. He has captured some beautiful locations. Gopi Sundar’s music is good and is definitely another plus point for the film. Mirchi Kiran has debuted as a dialogue writer and his dialogues are impressive and entertaining.

Among the negatives, one can say that the movie is a bit slow and the second half is a bit lagging.

To some up, 'Majnu' is a simple and pleasant love story. And though the second half is a bit predictable, director Virinchi Varma has succeeded in making a neat film.