Keshava Movie Review

Release Date : 27-05-2017
Keshava Story 3
Screenply 3
Direction 3
Songs 2.5
Background Score 3

Overall Rating 3


Director Sudheer Varma and actor Nikhil join hands once again for Keshava. They had worked together on Swami Ra Ra, a small film that became a huge blockbuster. This film too has created some buzz and the promotional videos were interesting. Isha Koppikar makes a comeback to Telugu films after two decades.

The story is simple. The parents of Keshava (Nikhil Siddhartha) were killed in a road accident when a police vehicle hit them. Keshava and his sister survived the accident. Now grown up and studying law, he has also gathered information about the police officers involved in his parents’ deaths. The police officers are murdered one by one and a special officer assigned to investigate the policemen’s murders, Sharmila (Isha Koppikar), begins to suspect that Keshava has committed the murders.

In the meantime, Satya Bhama (Ritu Varma), a childhood friend of Keshava’s, who studies in the same law college, also suspects Keshava of being behind the murders. After the third murder, Sharmila arrests Keshava and puts him behind bars. What happens to him next, whether he is guilty or not, and whether he ultimately gets his revenge forms the rest of the film.

Director Sudheer Varma has taken a regular revenge plot and narrated it in a stylised manner. Revenge dramas are not new to Telugu cinema, but in this film, the director chooses a different path. He reveals everything before the interval and concentrates on how the protagonist takes revenge on everyone. The director conveys what he wants to in a crisp, clear manner and makes every scene interesting so one is never bored.

There are no thought-provoking dialogues in the film and it’s not really a murder mystery. The mood is set with some good photography, a suitable background score and locations such as Godavari, Annavaram and Bheemili. Nikhil turns in a good performance as the angry young man who doesn’t have too much to say. But the highlight and surprise of the film is definitely Isha Koppikar, who actually steals the show. She plays the role of the investigation officer to perfection. The popular Anasuya has dubbed for her and it suits her perfectly.

Rao Ramesh who appears in the second half in a small role makes a big impact nevertheless. He gives weight to the film with his performance. Ritu Varma is looking good and is suited to her role. Priyadarshi is also good as Keshava’s friend. Vennela Kishore gets a few laughs as a senior college student. Ajay and Brahmaji play supporting roles well.

Cinematographer Divakar Mani should get a pat on the back for his beautiful scenic photography. His shots of the coastal area make one wonder why anyone has to go abroad for locations. The other highlight is Prasanth Pillai’s background score, which is really brilliant and creates the mood. Both Prashanth and Divakar stand like two pillars for this film.

Krishna Chaitanya’s dialogues are good. There are some holes in the plot and characterisation such as local cops played by Brahmaji and Ajay who act superior to a special investigation officer, or how the young Keshava comes to know that there are many police officers involved in his parents killing.

Director Sudheer Varma has succeeded in telling an ordinary story in an interesting manner. If you like action revenge dramas, this one is for you.