Kashmora Movie Review

Release Date : 31-10-2016
Kashmora Story 2.25
Screenply 2.5
Direction 2.5
Songs 2
Background Score 2

Overall Rating 2.5


Thanks to his fan following in Tollywood, Tamil actor Karthi's Kashmira, which released on Friday, had created quite the buzz. Karthi plays dual role, while Nayanthara plays an interesting character. Kashmora (Karthi) is a ghost-buster and makes gullible people believe that he can catch ghosts. People even start worshipping him. Even a top politician and a cop become his followers. Meanwhile Yamini (Sri Divya), who is doing a research on ghosts, meets Kashmora and wants to work with him. One day Kashmora gets a call from another city regarding a local old fort. He takes the job but once inside the fort, he realises that he is trapped inside. There he sees a real ghost, Raju Naik (also Karthi), who has woken up after many years.

Who is Raju Naik and why has he trapped Kashmora? Director Gokul started the film in an interesting manner, showing how Kashmora catches a ghost and dupes people. The first half is hilarious and viewers will think that it is a horror comedy. The director has also used a lot of graphics and visual effects that are very neat and believable. But when it comes to the second half, the storyline becomes a bit confusing. The flashback episode resembles scenes from the film Arndhathi where the villain and Anushka fight. The film is carried by Karthi on his shoulders. He is actually stunning in the negative role of Raju Naik. As Kashmora too, he is fantastic. The highlights of the film are when he is trapped inside the fort and when he dupes the minister.

Nayanthara's role is short, but she steals the show with her excellent performance. Her outfits are good and she is looking beautiful as Rani Ratna. Sri Divya is okay, nothing to write home about. The graphics and VFX play an important role in the film and they have been well executed. The forts and the period drama shots are very believable. The photography of Om Prakash and art work of Rajeevan should be mentioned. The film's music, however, is average. To sum up, Kashmora is good in parts and the first half is entertaining. But the story weakens in the second half and is predictable. The film is a one-time watch for Karthi's performance and the graphics.