Gentleman Movie Review

Release Date : 20-06-2016
Gentleman Story 3
Screenply 3
Direction 3
Songs 2.75
Background Score 3

Overall Rating 3


After delivering a dud in the form of Bandipotu, director Indraganti Mohana Krishna has delivered the goods with Gentleman. Starring Nani, the film has Malayalam actress Niveda Thomas making her Telugu debut, while music director Mani Sharma makes a comeback. Aishwarya (Surabhi) and Katherine (Niveda Thomas) become friends while flying back from London to India. They decide to tell each other their love stories. Katherine starts first and relates how she fell in love with Gowtham (Nani). Aishwarya, the daughter of a big businessman, then says that she is engaged to Jay (also Nani).

When they get to Hyderabad, Katherine is shocked to see Aishwarya's boyfriend, who looks exactly like her boyfriend, Gowtham. The story picks up pace and the audience is intrigued to know whether it's a double role or is Nani two-timing the girls. There are many surprises about the film. First it’s director Indraganti Mohana Krishna, who has chosen the thriller genre this time.

He hasn’t spoilt the subject and keeps viewers engaged with some thrilling moments. Though the first half is about the two romantic threads, the story immediately picks up momentum after interval. He also cleverly maintains the tempo, leaving the audience guessing whether Nani is the villain or a true gentleman. The dialogues too have been well written by Indraganti, who has also provided the screenplay.

The second surprise is Nani. He is simply superb, once again. He has already proven that he is an extremely talented actor but in this film he has taken his already stellar capabilities to new heights. The other surprise is Niveda Thomas. She has pulled off a dazzling performance and is definitely a big find for Telugu cinema. The second half, when she is searching for her missing boyfriend, is superb.

Surabhi too, looks good on screen and has done her job very well. Vennela Kishore provides much needed comic relief in the second half as Sudarshanam and Mani Sharma’s music is the other highlight of the film. Among the drawbacks is the romantic thread between Surabhi and Nani, which is too long. Avasarala Srinivasa Rao is a good actor, but he is a miscast in the negative character. The climax is predictable and a bit long. But all in all, Gentleman is a great watch for Nani's stellar performance.