Babu Bangaram Movie Review

Release Date : 13-08-2016
Babu Bangaram Story 2
Screenply 2
Direction 2
Songs 2.5
Background Score 2.25

Overall Rating 2.5


Venkatesh is back with Babu Bangaram, after a year! In this film, directed by Maruthi, ACP Krishna (Venkatesh) is a kind-hearted person who can’t be hard even on thieves. While on duty, he comes to know that Sailaja (Nayanthara) is facing trouble and decides to help her while hiding his identity of a cop. Sailaja’s father Sastry (Jayaprakash) is in hiding while some goons are on the lookout for him. A gangster (Sampath) also wants Sastry out of the way and he joins hands with an MLA (Posani) to get rid of Sastry.

In the meantime Krishna builds up a rapport with Sailaja and they fall in love. But after they decide to marry, Sailaja discovers Krishna’s real  identity. What follows makes up most of the film. After delivering a big hit like Bhale Bhale Mogadivoy, everyone had expected Maruthi to come up with another innovative story. But Babu Bangaram disappoints. More than the overall story, Maruthi has concentrated on the comedy scenes which are actually not part of the story. The first half is entertaining but the second half just bores.

When it comes to the performance, Venkatesh again proves that age is not a problem. He has played two shades perfectly. Nayanthara too is great and proves to be a perfect match for Venkatesh. To sum up, Babu Bangaram is a predictable film with a normal subject and Maruthi has completely failed to tackle the second half of the film. Except for a few hilarious scenes between Venkatesh and Prudhvi, the film has nothing much on offer.