Babu Baga Busy Movie Review

Release Date : 08-05-2017
Babu Baga Busy Story 1.5
Screenply 1.5
Direction 1
Songs 2.5
Background Score 1.5

Overall Rating 1.5


After Naruda Donaruda, an adult comedy which was a remake of Hindi film Vicky Donor, another Hindi adult comedy, Hunterrr, has been remade into Telugu as Babu Baga Busy. Avasarala Srinivasa Rao plays the lead while Naveen Medaram makes his debut as director with this film. Interestingly, the first remake was a flop, but let’s look into this one and what it's all about.

The story goes something like this. Madhav (Avasarala) is a sex addict and a player. From his school days to present time, he is known to be a flirt. He began during his school days with a girl who was a classmate and continued in the same vein after he joined in a college with another girl (Tejswi). At the same time, he also had an affair with a married woman, Chandrika (Supriya). Now in his 30s, the time seems right to settle down and his friends asked him to get married. Our man decides to tie the knot and begins looking for a suitable girl. Radha (Mishty Chakraborthy), who has recently broken up with her boyfriend, meets Madhav and after a couple of meetings they decide to get engaged.

But our man Madhav refuses to change his stripes. The flirting continues, and the rest of the film deals with what happens to his marriage how his life changes.

The Hindi film, Hunterr, came as a complete change in Bollywood, which may be why it became a hit. Naveen Medaram decided to remake this film in Telugu as his debut one. This is supposed to be an adult comedy, but the director completely fails to recreate the magic the Hindi film created and which was responsible for its success.

The Telugu audience is different and adult subjects need to be handled in a different manner. Rajendra Prasad did a few films with these subjects like Teneteega. But Babu Baga Busy is neither a comedy nor a serious film. The narration, the screenplay and the dialogues, nothing is able to hold interest and the director fails to make an impression. The narration is very slow, and gets kind of boring after some time. Though advertised as an adult comedy, the film has no adult fun to offer, except a liplock between Avasarala and Supriya.

When it comes to performances, Avasarala Srinivasa Rao is a complete misfit in the role of Madhav, a sex addict. Though sincere in his acting, his role doesn't seem believable and it looks like he's playing a part in most of the scenes. Avasarala is a good actor whose career is doing well, and he doesn't need to be doing these kind of roles at this stage. Of the actresses, Supriya does a good as does Mishti Chakraborthy, who has a good role. Tejswi doesn't have much of a role, but she is competent and looks good. Sri Mukhi appears in a cameo. Priyadarshi's comedy is also not up to the mark. Technically, the film is average; neither the cinematography nor the music are anything to write home about. The dialogues seem lame.

All said and done, Babu Baga Busy is a very bad remake and fails in all departments. It begins with a good concept, but the director makes it a boring one. The slow narration and uninteresting jokes fail to entice — at all. In the time of Baahubali, you can easily miss this Babu Baga Busy.