Arjun Reddy Movie Review

Release Date : 29-08-2017
Arjun Reddy Story 4
Screenply 4
Direction 4
Songs 4
Background Score 4

Overall Rating 4


Arjun Reddy was in the news even before release, after a senior Congress leader objected to the film’s poster. Later, lead actor Vijay Deverakonda’s controversial remarks against CBFC made news, with Ram Gopal Varma lending support. The pre-release buzz seems to have worked wonders, if the film’s success is anything to go by!

Arjun Reddy (Vijay Devarakonda) is a medico, who is brilliant in academics — his only problem is his uncontrollable temper. He gets involved in a student fight and the principal of the college asks him to write an apology letter or leave. Arjun opts to leave the college, but changes his mind on seeing a fresher in the college, Preeti (Shalini Pandey). It is love at first sight for him and he decides to stay on for her. Eventually, she reciprocates his feelings and they get emotionally and physically involved.

When Arjun approaches Preeti’s parents to let them get married, he gets a jolt as they do not agree to the alliance. Meanwhile, Arjun’s parents are busy with his elder brother’s (Kamaraju) marriage. Arjun’s attempts to convince Preeti’s parents fail and she gets married to someone else. In the meanwhile, his recklessness disappoints his dad who asks him to leave the house after a heated argument. Then onwards, he gets addicted to alcohol and drugs, and tries to get into meaningless physical relationships. What makes him change his life and what happens to his love Preeti, is the crux of the story.

Kudos to director Sandeep for coming up with a bold and one-of-a-kind film in Telugu. He sticks to his script without any deviations. Though there are resemblances to the Hindi film Dev D, this is completely different. Every scene and character looks natural, especially the college scenes, which are superb. The past and the present are narrated in an interesting way. Also, there is no separate comedy track or song sequence to deviate from the storytelling. Sandeep is definitely a daring director, who has shown a new way forward with Arjun Reddy.

This is Vijay Deverakonda’s film all the way. He is sensational as Arjun Reddy. He completely transforms into the character and lives it. Undoubtedly, he is going to be the future poster-boy of Telugu cinema. He acts effortlessly, just like an experienced star. Rahul Ramakrishna as Vijay’s friend is another surprise find, mouthing his dialogues in a natural way. Kamal Kamaraju and Sanjay Swaroop add value with their act. Yesteryear actress Kanchana makes her presence felt as the grandmother and makes a good comeback. Shalini makes an excellent debut, and shows no signs of being a newcomer. She is perfect for her role, which she carries with grace.

Dialogues by Sandeep are lively and hilarious. Music by Radhan is an asset to the film. Though the film drags a bit in the second half, it sure is a sensation for Telugu cinema, and all the credit goes to director Sandeep for coming up with a subject like this. Although this is his debut film, one feels like he is an old hand. On his part, Vijay Deverakonda brings Arjun Reddy alive. A film not to be missed!