Ami Tumi Movie Review

Release Date : 15-06-2017
Ami Tumi Story 2.75
Screenply 2.75
Direction 2.75
Songs 2.75
Background Score 2.75

Overall Rating 2.75


Indraganti Mohan Krishna, director of films such as Grahanam, Ashta Chemma, Golconda High School, Anthaku Mundu Aa Tharuvatha and Gentleman has ventured into the field of comedy in his latest, Ami Tumi, with a star cast including Vennela Kishore.

Deepika (Eesha), daughter of Janardhan (Thanikella Bharani) is in love with Ananth (Adivi Sesh). But her father wants her to marry Sri Chilipi (Vennela Kishore) from Vizag. Janardhan’s son, Vijay (Srinivas Avasarala), is in love with Maya (Aditi Myakal). Janardhan is angry at Deepika’s refusal to marry the man of his choice and locks her into a room. Sri Chilip comes to Hyderabad to meet Deepika, but that resourceful damsel escapes from her room and puts her maid Kumari (Syamala) in her place. Sri Chilipi comes to Janardhan’s house and sees the maid who he thinks is Deepika. A comedy of errors ensues, leading to further confusion.

Indraganti is a sensible director and his films are meaningful and clean. His last film was the successful thriller Gentleman. He has chosen comedy this time and based the story on the play The Duenna by the English playwright Richard Brinsley Sheridan, with suitable amendments to suit the local nativity.

Though there are a quite a few films in Telugu on the mistaken identity theme and the comedy of errors, Indraganti has kept the story simple. Two children want to get married against their father’s wish, but in between another character comes and turns things upside down. Mohan Krishna has written some punchy dialogues, especially Vennela Kishore’s English phrases. Though made on a tight budget and in a short span of time, Ami Tumi is good fun.

When it comes to performances, Vennela Kishore stands out. The veteran comedian has given a terrific performance and truly “made” the film. His dialogue, timing and the way he creates an atmosphere with his histrionics is hilarious. The scenes between Vennela Kishore and Syamala as the maid are superb.

The film belongs to Vennela Kishore and this is his best role so far. Adivi Sesh and Avasarala are the lead actors, but Adivi Sesh gets far more exposure; Avasarala’s role is like a cameo. Eesha is good and her Telangana accent authentic. Thanikella Bharani gets another important role and does well, experienced actor that he is.

Syamala as the maid Kumari is very good and her scenes with Vennela Kishore are the highlights of the film. Aditi’s role is somewhat limited. P.G. Vinda’s cinematography is okay and Mani Sharma’s music is just average.

The first 10 to 15 minutes of the film is a bit boring until Vennela Kishore enters. There are also a couple of characters who are irritating whenever they appear on screen. On the whole Ami Tumi is a very watchable comedy thanks largely to Vennela Kishore.