Rey Movie Review

Release Date : 29-03-2015
Rey Story 2.75
Screenply 2.5
Direction 2.5
Songs 2.25
Background Score 2

Overall Rating 3


Anambitious Jenna(Shraddha Des)gets Sandy who poses a hurdle to her goal eliminated. But Sandy’s sister Ammrutha (Saiyami Kher) wants to realize her brother's umeallzed dream of bagging the title. That takes her to a music college in Jamaica, West indies. The experience of meeting Rock (Sai Dharam Tej) there is horrible, to say the least. She swallows the insults at his hands to work with him to develop a music band for the college, The ultimate goal is to win the world title organized by the music channel in the US.

Again Jenna plots to remove the two hurdles, Rock and Amrutha are her targets. Eliminating them from the competition is the first priority but if they still pose a threat, getting them killed is a cool decision she takes. Does she succeed?

Film maker YVS Chowdary has dedicated this film to Michael Jackson. And so you have a number of songs and dances with Sai Dharam Tej taking to the dance floor.  He does impress though he could have done better.  Wlth the movie beings hot in the west lndies and the lead character being someone who believes he is born for women, there's a lot of skin show.

 Sai Dharam Tej brings out his acting skills as an easy-going youth but when he has to fight it out. he‘s unstoppable. Shraddha Das as evil character Jenna does justice to her role. Saiyami Kher‘s simple yet glamorous persona equip her well to change colours according to the script.

It's quite fun to see foreign characters speak in Telugu. While the fights, dances and camera work impress, what actually comes out is the imaginative work of the director. The film has been in the making for a long time but does not disappoint those who prefer to watch films that are appreciativeof the lead character showing off an "attitude". Quite a few cinematic liberties have been taken and the length of the movie is prolonged unnecessarily

The die-hard Tollywood audience might want to lap up this movie, despite some silly stuff which the comedians produce.