Toofan Movie Review

Release Date : 31-10-2014
Toofan Story 4.25
Screenply 4
Direction 3.75
Songs 3.5
Background Score 2

Overall Rating 3.25


Story line: is a hit chip of the old block in B town – ‘Zanjeer’  and it’s recent remake with the same title. So, Toofan is basically remake dubbed and also remade in Telugu. The reason might be because Ram Charan the T-town mega-power did the lead role in Bollywood. Coming to the story, Vijay Khanna is the ACP Asst. Commissioner of Police shown initially as posted in Hyderabad, is a strict police officer who dares to do his job in it’s damn real way. Vijay then get transferred to Mumbai as punishment for man handling a politician in Hyderabad. From then on entire story takes place in Mumbai, where he lives with a motto that is, ‘do justice or else give life’. Vijay is shown as suffering a nightmare since his childhood. Mala (Priyanka Chopra) is an NRI girl comes to Mumbai to attend the marriage of her facebook friend and witnesses a murder of deputy collector who tries to stop oil mafia in Mumbai. The murder case gets transferred to Vijay and he meets Mala and then there is some relation shown as grown in between. There’s Mr. Jayadev  (Tanikella Barani)a journalist who by then knows to have been digging the case independently. There’s also one Sher Khan (Sri Hari), the name is of course old wine in new bottle, who befriends Vijay and tries to help him to unravel the case of oil mafia donned by Rudra Pratap Teja, naam kafi heavy hain (but in real Prakash Raj). The story glides down in narration and Vijay gets a solid witness but only to lose him later in a villain thrust lockup death. How Vijay then succeeds in catching the villain and what the link his nightmare has to the main plot are to be realized on the screen but in an artificial narration without much of the drama and action as it’s old block Zanjeer had.

CineRadham's Eye View:   Watch it only if you ‘re a Ram Charan’s fan because he looks good as a cop and did some style, otherwise it doesn’t have good songs, strong narration and that originality. It’s just a diluted old wine in a new bottle.

Puppy Portrayal for Want of Some Pepping Action Cinema

Apoorva Lakhia the director of the film needs special mention both because his dare decision to make the yester year block buster Zanjeer  and in other word to have misunderstood the concept of readapting the film for the modern audience. Technology and style are seemingly understood as heavily depended on, that too by ignoring the screenplay, sentiments and emotions of the characters which turned out to be costly in this case.  Further  he also misunderstood the thematic adaptation of this film for the Telugu audience. The biggest dent is songs, there were no good number of songs that had Telugu flavor in them. Audience felt restless as they waited for songs, they shouted at point for their kind of songs! Some scenes in the film used dubbing and some were short for Telugu version. The point is when scenic care was taken in the portrayal why couldn’t he work on the songs, a separate planning of freshly shot songs would have worked and a mere insertion would have been agreed by our much generous Telugu audience. There were plenty of romantic scenes where audience expected SONGS and of course for Charan’s dance portrayal.  A promo of the film is badly inserted without cuts and with dialogue reinforcement in between with duped SherKhan and duped Rudra Pratap, how was that justified in the flow of the film?

Toofan would never have been disastrous if it had a fine Telugu adaptation, when we make Tamil dubbed films a hit why not this? Background score is another disadvantage of the film, it couldn’t match with emotions nor with action sequences.

Otherwise Charan’ s fit body ever erect chest added well to the role he played, worth calling the modern Vijay and the angry young man! Priyaka Chopra is also good, changes according to the needs of the role, her acting talent is okay but not the way its exploited for the benefit of the role. Prakash Raj and Tanikella Bharani did their regular job as bad boy and good man in fitting manner. Finally, first of this kind Tollywood’s purposeful flirt with Bollywood couldn’t be seen as a successful saga.