Thanu Nenu Movie Review

Release Date : 26-11-2015
Thanu Nenu Story 3
Screenply 3
Direction 3
Songs 2.75
Background Score 3

Overall Rating 3


After producing movies with a good story like Ashta Chemma, Golconda High School and Uyyala Jumpala, Ram Mohan turned director with Thanu Nenu. Debutant Santosh Sobhan and Avika Gor play the lead actors.

The story revolves around Kiran (Santosh) and Keerthi (Avika Gor). Kiran works at a call centre and falls in love with Keerthi. The two decide to get married but Keerthi gets a job offer in the US and she wants to take it up. Kiran, however, hates the States and the people there and does not want to shift. Keerthi’s father (Ravi Babu), too, wants her to go to the US and make money.

Meanwhile, Keerthi learns some surprising news about Kiran’s parents whom he had said were dead. The story unfolds from there.

Ram Mohan is mostly known for his low-budget films and his stories are always simple. Thanu Nenu, too, is a small film and a simple love story. It's not a complicated story with twists and turns and the narrative is straightforward. The film lags a bit in the second half but overall the movie won't bore you.

Newcomer Sobhan is the surprise element of the film and his performance is great. He is a natural and not once does it seem that this is his debut film.

Avika Gor has already proved herself with her earlier films and in this one too she has once again showcased her talent.

Ravi Babu's character is interesting and is supported well by Satya Krishna, who plays his wife. Both evoke laughter whenever they appear on screen.

Rohit Varma plays an NRI who wants to marry Keerthi, Naresh plays Kiran’s friend and he, too, has done a good job.

Technically, the movie is neat with good music and is well supported by the cinematography.

There are, however, a few flaws in the film, especially in the second half, The scene where Kiran does puja for Keerthi father's death is a bit forced. However, it's an easy, one-time watch film.