Soukhyam Movie Review

Release Date : 26-12-2015
Soukhyam Story 1
Screenply 1
Direction 1
Songs 1.5
Background Score 1.5

Overall Rating 1.5


Director A.S. Ravi kumar Chowdhary, who had made a comeback with the hit film Pilla Nuvvu Leni Jeevilham last year, has teamed up with actor Gopichand for Soukhyam. Regina Cassandra plays the female lead opposite Gopichand.

Seenu (Gopichand) is good man who is jobless. He falls in love with Sailaia (Regina) when he first sees her on a train. But Sailaia's father is a big underworld don in Kolkata and wants his daughter to marry the chief minister’s son against Sailaja's wishes.

Meanwhile, Seenu‘s father is a moderate person who doesn't like goons and guns. if Seenu tells him about Sailaia, he won't agree to the match given her family background. So Seenu plans to install Sailaja in his house to impress his parents.

On the other hand, a local goon (Pradeep Rawat) is trying to kidnap Sailaia so that he can get her married to his son. The crux of the story is how Seenu overcomes his hurdles and gets the girl.

A.S. Ravikumar Chowdhary is not a newcomer to the industry. He has enough experience and has had some successful films too. So one expects a reasonable film from him, but to everyone‘s surprise Soukhyam is an outdated, predictable and nonsensical subject. it's as if the director thought he could fool the audience with a few comic scenes, couple of songs and a few actions scenes without any proper story. imagine top writers like Kona Venkat, Gopi Mohan and Sridhar Seepana joined the director for this cliched film.

Gopichand is looking good, but his body language gives the impression that he is not interested in the film. Regina looks glamorous and beautiful, especially in the songs. Comedian Prudhvi once again has come out with flying colours. The director and the team of writers should be blamed for this outdated story.