Cinema Choopistha Mava Movie Review

Release Date : 17-08-2015
Cinema Choopistha Mava Story 3.25
Screenply 3.5
Direction 3.5
Songs 3
Background Score 3

Overall Rating 3.25


After a couple of big film releases. it is time for the small flilm Cinema Choopista Mava. Raj Tarun and Avika Gor. who made their debut with the hit film Uyyala Jampala in 2013 is back again with this Cinema Choopista Mava. N.Trinadha Rao is the director.

Kathi (Raj Tarun) comes from a middle class family and has failed his Intermediate. He along with his friends roam here and there and one fine day he sees Parineeta (Avika Gor) and it is love at first sight. Parineeta is a Bengali settled in Hyderabad and also a government employee who works in hospital vigilance. He always believes in ‘quality’ and hates people who don't have it. Parineeta is a brilliant student and always a topper who lives in her own world. Kathi tries to impress her and joins her college by duping the principal. She does not show interest. But gradually she starts liking him and falls for him.

Her father comes to know about their love affair and he wants to distance Kathi from her, hence he throws a challenge. The remaining story is will Kathi accept the challenge and how he finally wins the hearts of both Parineeta and her father.

Director N.Trinadha Rao comes out with an old story, but here he shows it in a new way. There were many fiilms based on father-in-law and son-in-law and this film too falls on the same category. The difference between the old ones and this one is, the director shows it in an entertainment method.

Lead actor Raj Tarun is energetic and natural. His performance is definitely one of the plus points and he shows it with ease. He is impressive, sure one of the talented actors. but at the same time he overdoes his acting in some scenes. Raj Tarun's character is entertaining with his punch dialogues. Avika Gor is good and has put on weight. The chemistry between Raj Tarun and Avika come out nicely. The other highlight is Rao Ramesh who plays the father-in-law. Actually he shows his experience and comes out with yet another good character with this film. He stands tall in this film as many of the actors are relatively small.

Like the manner in which director Trivikram has taken the Gautam Maharshi episode in Atharintiki Daredi. in this film the director puts up the mythological Draupadi Vastrapaharanam' in a comic way. Most of the actors are from the popular comic TV show ‘Jabardast' and it entertains. The dialogues are written with a punch, so has clicked well. The music is average.

There are many illogical points like how an intermediate failed student joins a degree college without showing his certificates. Rao Ramesh is a Bengali settled in Hyderabad but his Telugu is fluent. His relatives come from Kolkata and they speak in a coastal Andhra accent. But, still the film has some mass elements and entertains the front benches. it's a timepass film with a few fun elements.