Bhai Movie Review Movie Review

Release Date : 07-11-2014
Bhai Movie Review Story 2.75
Screenply 2.25
Direction 3
Songs 3
Background Score 2.75

Overall Rating 2.75


Story: The story opens up as a gang war in which Bhai (Akkineni Nagarjun) plays an international efficient don based in Hong Kong. David (Ashish Vidyarthi) is the top notch of all the dons and he has lot of faith in Bhai and his guts in getting things done with high precision in mafia. Everything, the praise (that was too much) the plans n parties (amid hot white girls) go on smoothly until David gets a phone call from old city in Hyderabad. A cop who’s under cover in Pokiri style gives sleepless tough time for David’s operations in Hyderabad and kills almost all his men. It becomes a hard nut that David decides to send Bhai to fix it and kill the under cover cop. Bhai comes to Hyderabad in style and hunts for him with his gang but takes quite some time just to locate his informer. In between he happens to meet his girl (Richa Gangopadyaye) before whom he rips another girl’s (Kamna did the guest role) heart open, his flirt actually, for good realisation and only to impress his future empress. Bhai then dramatically finds his family traces and changes the look of his gang as event managers for his sister’s wedding. There comes a flash back as it is expected (in Gabbar Singh style) in which Vijay the child version of Bhai had to leave home for his father’s sake. The don David enters much later after all the family show is over and loses his son in the same marriage when he was shot dead by a cop. Therefore, who’s that cop under cover and how Bhai, Vijay had to protect him is all to be realized on the screen to watch this dually meant Bhai for her sister and also as a don brother.

              CineRadham’s Eye View: It’s a kichidi in the series, had a good story line, Nag’s freshness and dance (highlight) good art work, not bad music, engaging entertainment. But not definitely for those who think time as precious.

Its an amateur action attempt by Veerabhadram the seemingly promising chef who took good care of adding all the ingredients that were hit but failed to create his own. It looked more as a work done with anxiety to make it a hit at any cost!? Keep only that works formula has not really impressed this time. Nagarjun Akkineni and his style is taken care of and his dance is a bonanza for his fans with moves like elan. The dialogues come calling, good pen work but initially the film has the hero’s trumpet blown regularly in Mass style but a bit heavily. Camera work though lacked precision in some scenes appealed as good. Dance direction is classic. Mr. Devi could have done a bit more energetic job, the item song most wanted is very dull and unimpressive numbers of DSP of late. Shayaji Shinde as home minister, Sonu Sood as don David’s son, Brahmanandam as Vikram Donor did a suitable job which did not come handy to create the final impression of the film. Nag as Bhai speaks Telangana accent throughout the film as the backdrop is set in Pakala of Warangal district.  So the journey is from Pakala to Hong Kong and back from Hong Kong to Hyderabad. Thus Bhai has a story without the needed tempo and temperament to build it on. It needs not just a camera but confidence and the Telugu make here is found fumbling, may be feared for losing in the hit race, for making good finances than a film.