Attarintiki Daredi Movie Review Movie Review

Release Date : 07-11-2014
Attarintiki Daredi Movie Review Story 4
Screenply 4.25
Direction 4.75
Songs 4
Background Score 4

Overall Rating 4.5


The Story: It’s a daughter’s story and how we the Indians place girls in our homes with that special respect even after marriage is shown amidst action and family entertainment. Gautam (Pawan Kalyan) is a steel tycoon’s (Boman Irani) grandson, the family lives in Italy away from their Aadapaduchu Sunanda (daughter of the rich tycoon) in Hyderabad. It happens so because of Sunanda’s love marriage to Shekar (Rao Ramesh) a simple lawyer. Due to this there was a disastrous disturbance in the family that Sunanda’s father breaks down and the entire family becomes crippled in that emotional parting scene which was shown bit by bit in a revealing manner as flash back. The parting with daughter marks 20 year and Gautham’s grand father craves for the family reunion. Gautham, though the victim of such family split, decides to go to Hyderabad to fetch his Attha (Aunt). Then there’s drama and packed entertainment in the aunt’s house where Gautam joins as driver Siddarth and does some helping to the family which is debt trapped by then. Aunt has two daughters Samantha & Praneetha, once Praneetha’s tricked  kidnap was busted dramatically by Siddharth, that’s when Aunt comes to know about his duped entry into the family and warns him strictly not to play any futile gimmicks because she’s still angry on her father’s family. Siddarth (Gautham) then decides to help Praneetha’s marriage only to get love trapped with Samantha. The whole drama comes to an end when Shekar comes to know about everything and goes to catch Siddharth/Gautham. What happens then is to be witnessed in a much entertaining hilarious drama amid sentiment scenes.

               Seenu’s Eye View: Watch it for some never boring family entertainment, daughter sentiment, value projection amid fine technicalities and to not to miss the Pawanism, his style and acting in family scenes. Although, it is an orchestrated drama sans naturality, logic in some scenes and sequences, the cinematic expression has some purpose behind.

                     Luring Tactics Add Luck: to the film’s hit that it’s screened five shows a day and still hundreds of Pawan’s fans are outside the cinemas waiting for their luck to get tickets. Luring starts right from the title ; the guy Gautham comes to Attha’s home in his own flight thinking for a way out to take his Attha home. It lured enough due to the duo Trivikram & Pawan and their much hyped comraderie of late and the recent unrest added fuel to the fire of such hype.

                      The Duo Does it Again: Coming back to the film, it proves again that Trivikram the ace story teller can make films out of mud. Simple emotions are well packaged and tried to out lift the role of love and its importance in families than anger and negative feelings. Pawan Kalyan’s acting in family scenes and sentiment is natural and makes audience feel emotional with. Praneetha & Samantha do a great job competing with the power star to equate. Brahmanandam (did as Basker) and all other roles are simply natural in the flow of the story. Certain parodical episodes of Swamijis, imitation of actors like Mohan Babu are felt as loosened job for the stature of Trivikram known to be a clean and professional film maker. His song shooting on foreign locations missed the speciality. Pawan’s dance moves had some hip slogging and fights were computer lifted heavily. This time Trivikram’s trade mark punch dialogues lost their rhyme and time and looked less rational, he didn’t do a pro in the item song in ladies party. Devisri’s music is the highlight of the film, his own pen work, a song was superbly picturised. The music at times was felt as normalized to make it complement the film otherwise, there are gaps in which Mr. Devi could have sharpened his folk n knife extraordinarily. On the whole it is a stylish well picturised technically rich film by Trivikram for Pawan Kalyan, the much assumed n discussed king and king maker of Tollywood in recent past.

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Cast & Crew:

Pawan Kalyan, Samantha Ruthu Prabhu, Pranitha Subhash, Boman Irani,Nadhiya, Kota Srinivasa Rao, Ali, Brahmanandam, M. S. Narayana, Posani krishna murali, Mukesh Rishi, Rao Ramesh, Raghu Babu, Ahuti Prasad, Hema,Srinivas Reddy, Hamsa Nandini (Special Appearance), Mumtaj (Special Appearance).

Directed by Trivikram Srinivas, Produced by BVSN Prasad,  Music by  Devi Sri Prasad, Cinematography  Prasad Murella.