Want to direct PK, Mahesh Babu: Manjula Ghattamaneni

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Want to direct PK, Mahesh Babu: Manjula Ghattamaneni

Mahesh Babu’s sister Manjula Ghattamaneni is excited about her directorial debut, Manasuku Nachindi, which is releasing this week. “The story came from the heart and it took me nearly one year to write it. I wrote it in English and Sai Madhav translated it into Telugu,” Manjula said.

She further shares, “Nowadays, many people miss out on the happy moments of life in their busy schedules. My story revolves around nature and its importance in human life. Mahesh Babu has done the voice-over for this film and I am sure that after watching it, everyone would want to see the sunrise and sunset everyday.”

What does her family have to say about the film? “My husband encouraged me when I first told him about the film and my father (Krishna) was thrilled. He knows that I am interested in direction because I worked on his film Telugu Veera Levara,” says Manjula, revealing that Mahesh Babu’s reaction was quite different when she told him about the film. “‘Are you mad? Do you know how difficult direction is?’ Mahesh asked. But later, he was shocked after he saw the trailer of my film,” states Manjula.

In future, this debut director says that she would love to work with Pawan Kalyan and Mahesh Babu. “I wrote a story keeping Pawan Kalyan in mind and it fits him perfectly. He is a top star and wants to join politics to serve people and my story is based on that,” she says. However, Pawan Kalyan has expressed that he wants to quit films in order to concentrate on politics, but, “Anything is possible,” feels Manjula.

About working with Mahesh Babu, she says, “It’s my dream to direct him. Where will you get an actor like Mahesh Babu, who looks good and acts good? He is my brother and I will direct him when he calls me. I am sure the day will come.”

Manjula opines that filmmakers should seriously think about the kind of films they make. “You can’t go with a regular commercial formula as the audience is more intelligent than all of us. So, we, the filmmakers should feel responsibile and come out with good films. The audience does not encourage films which don’t have good content,” concludes Manjula.


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