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Unnecessary hullabaloo!

On Tuesday night, social media and news channels were abuzz with news of actress Vithika Sheru, married to actor Varun Sandesh, having attempted suicide. She was reported to have been admitted to a hospital in a “critical condition”. Pictures of her lying on a hospital bed were being circulated. Soon, theories of her unhappy marriage and even financial stress started doing the rounds.

But then came a shocker in the form of a tweet by the actress herself. “Whatever the news is spreading around about us @iamvarunsandesh everything is just a rumor. We are doing great. (sic),” she wrote.

Even then, the rumours did not die down! On tracking down Vithika to ask her what exactly happened and how the rumours sparked off, she said, “All this hullabaloo is a bit too much. I am totally fine! In fact, as I speak to you, I am getting a haircut at a salon!”

She explains, “I came to India from the US recently and had severe jetlag. Since I will be going to Dubai soon and wanted to get my sleep cycle into place, my doctor prescribed medication. But when two pills weren’t enough, I took around four and went to sleep. I informed both Varun and my mother about it. But when I didn’t wake up for a very long time, my mom panicked and took me to the hospital.”

She adds that she eventually did wake up, but doctors asked her to take fluids to get rid of the drowsiness and even did a stomach wash. “If I wanted to die, sleeping pills surely wouldn’t be the way!” she jokes, adding, “Varun and I are really happy. All this speculation is in bad taste. Since the news broke out, I am being bombarded with calls. I am tired of saying that I am fine!”

Everyone has been asking why Varun didn’t come with her. “I came to India because it is ashada masam. Things are being looked at with a magnifying glass,” she retorts.

But what about the picture in the hospital? “I really was there! A friend clicked a picture of me pretending to be unwell. We sent it in a friends’ WhatsApp group and the next thing I know is that the photo is all over the Internet!” she concludes.


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