Rukshar: A woman of varied interests

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Rukshar: A woman of varied interests

Actress Rukshar is mighty chuffed with how her next film, Yuddham Sharanam (where she co-stars with Nani) is shaping up. With almost 70 per cent of her portions completed, she’s now on a break as she awaits the next schedule of the film. The actress is using her time to relax back home in Bengaluru.

But a lot has been going on for her! “I am a Punjabi who spent 13 years as a kid in Goa, before moving to Bengaluru. And now, I am working in Telugu films. As I learnt multiple languages over the years —  Konkani, Kannada and now Telugu — owing to my childhood and now profession, I am mixing up all the languages as I speak one of them. Too much language processing is happening in my head,” she jokes, as she reveals that she has become familiar with Telugu and that she’s keen to speak only in Telugu as she promotes her film.

Interestingly, the fashion designing graduate almost became a chef before she stepped into showbiz. In fact, Rukshar was one of the few people selected to be a part of a specialised course done by a prestigious institute run by a leading hotel chain in the country. 

“But I had to let go of the course due to  other plans. However, down the line, I would want to have my own baking place,” she shares, adding, “Baking makes me feel alive and I do it when I get free time. In fact, if I ever have to gift someone or make their day special, I bake for them. I put in a great deal of love and effort to do it.”

Elaborating on this passion, she states, “I love mixing up ingredients to cook up something that is as healthy as possible.”


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