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Rahul Ravindran turns director

Actor Rahul Ravindran started his cinematic journey with the dream to become a director. In fact, before turning an actor, he quit a job in Mumbai to try his luck as an assistant director. “However I got a job as an actor. Direction has been my dream since childhood though and I love telling stories,” he says. And so, it’s interesting that he’s finally ready to do what he initially set out to — directing films!

Rahul will make his directorial debut with a film starring actor Sushanth as the lead. Expectedly, he’s mighty chuffed. “In fact, I am both nervous and excited at the same time,” he mentions.

One wonders how the film happened. “A few months ago, when Sushanth and I met, we got talking and he mentioned his desire to change track and try something new. He shared that he was looking for a story that was realistic and sensible. That’s when I told him that I may have something. I’ve had this story idea in my head for nearly nine years now. We discussed it, and in no time, we were on!” shares Rahul, without divulging details about the genre.

Talking about working with Sushanth in his first film, Rahul says, “He is the perfect physical fit for the character. To be honest, I haven’t watched any of his films but I know him personally and want him to bring his real-life personality into the film.”

Rahul says that he understands the humongous responsibility that goes hand in hand with becoming a director. “It’s a huge responsibility. As an actor, you only have to fulfill a director’s vision, and do your job well. But as a director you have to bring out the best in everyone,” he says.


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