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Nagarjuna’s Bollywood diaries

By now it is well-known that director Ram Gopal Varma and Nagarjuna are collaborating after a very long time. In a complete contrast to what they did earlier, the duo’s current film sees Nagarjuna as a fierce cop.

The plot: Cop on a mission
According to sources, the film’s story revolves around a cop’s mission to detain hardcore criminals. “Nagarjuna is a strict cop who’d been deputed to Mumbai from Hyderabad. He is on a mission to trace the trails of some big criminals. It is like any other cop versus criminal story. He is shooting in real locations,” says the source.

The Hindi-Telugu bilingual film is already half complete with the Hyderabad schedule being wrapped up. The team is currently in Mumbai to shoot the rest.

Elaborating on the film and its characters, the source reveals, “All the other actors are new. A young girl Kavyanshi plays Nag’s daughter. The team has been shooting at Essel World for a while now.”

The source adds that the onscreen relationship between the duo is unbelievably real. In fact, the source is all praises for the little girl and says, “The chemistry between her and Nagarjuna is brilliant.”

The disciplined Nag
It looks like the entire crew of the film is in love with the actor and his working style. Sources from the sets state, “Nag is a superstar in every manner. His physical fitness is great and he maintains it naturally. For his age, he is fit as a fiddle. He leads a straight and simple life and is a grounded person as well.”

However, the 58-year-old actor is extremely particular about the fit of his clothes. Sources reveal that even his track suit has to be well-tailored and ready-made clothes are a big no for the star. “Once the clothes for the next day are okayed by the director, Nag tries them on after the day’s shoot to ensure the right fit and look. He does it every day before leaving and is quite disciplined. Everything has to be in place for his looks. Even designer clothes need to be tailored for him. Nag is very colour-conscious with his clothes too,” reveal sources.

Even while delivering his lines, the actor doesn’t leave any stone unturned. According to sources, “Nag is taking his time to learn his dialogues since the team is shooting the film in sync sound, to avoid the hassles of dubbing later on.”

Giving the latest sneak-peak into Nagarjuna’s Mumbai sojourn, sources reveal, “Just two days ago, the actor threw a huge party at the hotel in Bandra where he is staying. Probably, being here in Bollywood after so many years, he could be reconnecting with people from the industry.”

Also, one never knows, “Maybe Nagarjuna wants to do more Hindi films now. It could also be followed by his son trying his luck in Bollywood. However, the Akkineni scion’s career has not yet shaped up like his father’s!”


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