Enjoyed riding a bike in half sari, says Nitya Naresh

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  • Enjoyed riding a bike in half sari, says Nitya Naresh
Enjoyed riding a bike in half sari, says Nitya Naresh

After Kerintha and Nandini Nursing Home, Nitya Naresh is ready to impress one and all with her village belle role in forthcoming film Soda Goli Soda (starring Manas), directed by Hari Babu.

“I play Rupa, a village belle, but I am educated, independent and strong. I fall in love with the protagonist (a thief) and accept him for the way he is without changing him. How we eventually make the village a better place is uniquely portrayed in the story. The film also unveils a beautiful father-daughter relationship,” shares Nitya.

She adds, “The first half of the film has rib-tickling slapstick comedy by top comedians including Brahmanandam, Ali, etc., while the second half shows a beautiful love story set against a rustic backdrop.”

Nitya will be seen sporting half saris and pattu pavadai throughout the rom-com.

“It’s the first time I have sported such attire, but I was comfortable and I even rode a bike clad in a half sari and enjoyed it. The director wanted me to be the way I am, but the best part was he was very patient and always had a smile,” she says.

Interestingly, Nitya bonded big time with the villagers during the shoot. “The film was shot in Palakollu and instead of junior artistes, we have used the localites. The hospitality they provided was excellent; I used to change my dress in their houses and even got a taste of the local delicacies,” says the actress who comes from a theatre background.


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