• Farjana

    Farzana (born Farzana Barucha in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India) is an Indian actress, choreographer and model. She has mainly appeared in Telugu and Tamil films.

    Farzana started her career as a professional dancer and choreographer. As a choreographer, she worked with the stage shows of Adnan Sami. Her most notable choreography was for the title song of the 2006 Sanjay Dutt movie Zinda.

    She was spotted by director Nidhi Prasad who signed her for a lead role in his movie Bhagyalakshmi Bumper Draw which was the Telugu remake of the Bollywood comedy film Malamaal Weekly.

  • Farjana
    1. 1977 (2010)
    2. Kuberulu (2008)
    3. Mallepuvvu (2008)
    4. Gajibiji (2008)
    5. Bommana Brothers Chandana Sisters (2008)
    6. Seema Sastry (2007)
    7. Bhagya Lakhsmi Bumper Draw (2006)
  • Farjana

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