S V Krishna Reddy

  • S V Krishna Reddy

    S V Krishna Reddy is an Indian film director. He has been a successful and an influential director since a decade. His contribution to the Telugu Film Industry (Tollywood) is a Landmark.

    S V Krishna Reddy probably the only director [Other is Ram Gopal Varma] after who has never worked under any other director, with his spontaneity and an enduring sense of humor he captures the hearts of the crowd, though popular his down to earth attitude and humility sets himself apart from others, thus making a mark of his own.

    He is not only a Director but also a Storywriter, a Screenplay writer, Producer and a Music Director all rolled in one thus crowning himself one of the most Versatile performers of our times. On asking, if his ultimate aim was to become a Number One Director, he says, "On the contrary I want my films to be number one". And undoubtedly they are. He has directed only a few films and many of them are super hits. They include Rajendrudu Gajendrudu, Mayalodu, Yamaleela, Ghatothgajudu, Number One, Subhalagnam, Aahvaanam and so on with discipline, dedication and determination being his armour he has successfully ventured in the Telugu film industry bringing all the characters he directs to life.

  • S V Krishna Reddy
    1. Yamaleela 2 (2014)
    2. Divorce Invitation (2012)
    3. Masth (2009)
    4. Bahumati (2007)
    5. Maayajaalam (2006)
    6. Hungama (2005)
    7. Letha Manasulu (2004)
    8. Pellamtho Panenti (2003)
    9. Pellam Oorelithe (2003)
    10. Jabili (2001)
    11. Budget Padmanabham (2001)
    12. Sakutumba Saparivara Sametamga (2000)
    13. Ugaadi (2000)
    14. Premaku Velayara (1999)
    15. Manasulo Maata (1999)
    16. Aahvanam (1998)
    17. Ooyala (1998)
    18. Yegire Paavurama 1997
    19. Vinodam (1996)
    20. Maavichiguru (1996)
    21. Sampradayam (1996)
    22. Ghatotkachudu (1995)
    23. Vajram (1995)
    24. Number One (1994)
    25. Shubhalagnam (1994)
    26. Top Hero (1994)
    27. Gunshot (1994)
    28. Yamaleela (1994)
    29. Mayalodu (1994)
    30. Rajendrudru Gajendrudru (1993)
  • S V Krishna Reddy

    Nandi Awards:

    1. 2001 - Nandi Award for Best Director - Sakutumba Saparivaara Sametham
    2. 1997 - Nandi Special Jury Award for Aahvaanam
    3. 1994 - Nandi Award for Best Feature Film (Silver) for Shubhalagnam

    Filmfare Awards South (Telugu)

    1994 - Filmfare Best Director Award (Telugu) - Shubhalagnam

    1. Andhra Pradesh State Government, Best Director, 2001 Best Director For Movie  Sakutumba Saparivara Sameythamga
    2. Tirumala Purushkar, Swarna Kankam Award, 1999 AS Best Director for movie Premakuvelayara
    3. Bharata Seva Academy, Best Story Film Director Award, 1998for Movie Aahawanam
    4. Padma Mohan Nerolac Film Awards, Best New Hero, 1998 For Movie Ugadi
    5. Bhargav Real Estates, Swarna Kankanam Award, 1998 For no Cencor cut in all Movies
    6. Cine Goers Awards, Best New Hero, 1997 For Movie Ugadi
    7. Surya Chandra Santhosini Awards, Best Music Director, 1996 for Movie Vinodam