• Mano

    Nagoor Babu known by his stage name Mano  is an Indian Playback Singer, voice-over artist, actor, producer, television anchor and music composer.

    Mano has recorded more than 30,000 songs for various Telugu, Bengali, Kannada, Malayalam, Tamil, Oriya and Bollywood films. He has also performed for over 3000 live concerts across the continents.

    Mano recorded his debut original song in 1984, for the Telugu film Karpoora Deepam. He was one among the 3 singers that also included S.P.Balasubramanyam and P.Susheela. He sang in a 1985 released Kannada film for musician Hamsalekha. Later he made his debut in Tamil films under Meastro Ilaiyaraaja in 1987 for the film Poovizhi Vasalile.

  • Mano

     2014 Lingaa (Playback Singer)

     2014 Vetri Selvan (Playback Singer)

     2014 Ennamo Nadakkudhu (Playback Singer)

     2013 Sutta Kadhai (Playback Singer)

     2013 Iddarammayilatho (Playback Singer)

     2012 Naduvula Konjam Pakkatha Kaanom (Playback Singer)

     2012 Srimannarayana (Playback Singer)

     2012 All the Best (Playback Singer)

     2012 Adhinayakudu (Playback Singer)

     2012 Aravaan (Playback Singer)

     2012 Ramadandu (Playback Singer)

     2011 Rajapattai (Playback Singer)

     2011 Mankatha (Playback Singer)

     2011 Mugguru (Playback Singer)

     2010 Mansara (Playback Singer)

     2010 Baava (Playback Singer)

     2010 Panchakshari (Playback Singer)

     2010 Simha (Playback Singer)

     2010 Namo Venkatesha (Playback Singer)

     2009 Aadhavan (Playback Singer)

     2009 Bendu Apparao RMP (Playback Singer)

     2009 Billa (Playback Singer)

     2008 Krishnarjuna (Playback Singer)

     2007 Yamagola Malli Modalaindhi (Playback Singer)

     2005 Sri (Playback Singer - as Nagoor Babu)

     2005 Pandippada (Playback Singer)

     2005 'D' (Playback Singer)

     2005 Thommanum Makkalum (Playback Singer)

     2004 Mass (Playback Singer)

     2004 Sakhiya (Playback Singer)

     2003 Tagore (Playback Singer)

     2003 Gangotri (Playback Singer)

     2003 Naaga (Playback Singer)

     2002 Allari Ramudu (Playback Singer)

     2002 Santosham (Playback Singer)

     2001 Subbu (Playback Singer)

     2001 One-Man Show (Playback Singer)

     2001 Ravanaprabhu (Playback Singer)

     2001 Cheppalani Vundhi (Playback Singer)

     2001 Khushi (Playback Singer)

     2001 Eduruleni Manishi (Playback Singer)

     2001 Narasimha Nayudu (Playback Singer)

     2000 Thenkasipattanam (Playback Singer)

     2000 Baachi (Playback Singer)

     2000 Mechanic Mamaiah (Playback Singer)

     2000 Josh (Playback Singer)

     2000 Aawaragaadu (Playback Singer)

     1999 Iddaru Mitrulu (Playback Singer)

     1999 Monishaa en Monalisa (Playback Singer)

     1999 Ravoyi Chandamama (Playback Singer)

     1999 Sultan (Playback Singer)

     1999 Raja (Playback Singer)

     1999 Samarasimha Reddy (Playback Singer)

     1999 Sneham Kosam (Playback Singer)

     1998 Bavagaru Bagunnara? (Playback Singer)

     1998 Daddy Daddy (Playback Singer)

     1998 Subhakankshalu (Playback Singer)

     1998 Premante Idera (Playback Singer)

     1998 Satya (Playback Singer)

     1998 Panduga (Playback Singer)

     1998 Suryavamsam (Playback Singer)

     1998 Lovestory 1999 (Playback Singer)

     1998 Pelli Pandheri (Playback Singer)

     1997 Anaganaga Oka Roju (Playback Singer)

     1997 Ekkareyanente Manasam (Playback Singer)

     1997 Gokulamlo Seetha (Playback Singer)

     1997 Master (Playback Singer)

     1997 The Good Boys (Playback Singer)

     1997 Veedevadandi Babu (Playback Singer - as Nagoor Babu)

     1997 Collector Garu (Playback Singer)

     1997 Annamayya (Playback Singer)

     1997 Iruvar (Playback Singer)

     1997 Minsaara Kanavu (Playback Singer)

     1997 Hitler (Playback Singer)

     1997 Pelli (Playback Singer)

     1997 Preminchukundam Raa (Playback Singer)

     1996 Akkada Abbai Ikkada Ammayi (Playback Singer)

     1996 Deyyam (Playback Singer)

     1996 Gulabi (Playback Singer - as Nagoor Babu)

     1996 Little Soldiers (Playback Singer)

     1996 Intlo Illalu Vantaintlo Priyuralu (Playback Singer)

     1996 Sreekaram (Playback Singer)

     1996 Dongaata (Playback Singer)

     1996 Pavitra Bandham (Playback Singer)

     1995 Boxer (Playback Singer)

     1995 Chandralekha (Playback Singer)

     1995 Money Money (Playback Singer)

     1995 Sathi Leelavathi (Playback Singer)

     1995 Tom & Jerry (Playback Singer)

     1995 Subhamasthu (Playback Singer)

     1995 Madya Taragati Mahabharatham (Playback Singer)

     1995 Big Boss (Playback Singer)

     1995 Real Hero (Playback Singer)

     1995 Dear Brother (Playback Singer)

     1994 Bhairava Dweepam (Playback Singer)

     1994 Kadhalan (Playback Singer)

     1994 Pavithra (Playback Singer)

     1994 Thendral Varum Theru (Playback Singer)

     1994 Veera (Playback Singer)

     1994 Super Police (Playback Singer)

     1994 M Dharmaraju M.A. (Playback Singer)

     1994 Mugguru Monagallu (Playback Singer)

     1993 Enga Thambi (Playback Singer)

     1993 Kizhakku Seemayile (Playback Singer)

     1993 Koil Kaalai (Playback Singer)

     1993 Mechanic Alludu (Playback Singer)

     1993 Raakkayi Koil (Playback Singer)

     1993 Thanga Kili (Playback Singer)

     1993 Kilipetchu Ketkava (Playback Singer)

     1993 Aaja Meri Jaan (Playback Singer)

     1993 Kondapalli Raja (Playback Singer)

     1993 Vaddu Bava Tappu (Playback Singer - as Nagoor Babu)

     1993 Mutamestri (Playback Singer)

     1993 One by Two (Playback Singer - as Nagoor Babu)

     1992 Agni Paarvai (Playback Singer)

     1992 Gharaana Mogudu (Playback Singer)

     1992 Maappilai Vandhaachu (Playback Singer)

     1992 Paandi Durai (Playback Singer)

     1992 Priyathama (Playback Singer)

     1992 Roja (Playback Singer)

     1992 Thanga Manasukkaaaran (Playback Singer)

     1992 Antam (soundtrack artist - as Nagoor Babu)

     1992 Allari Pilla (Playback Singer)

     1991 Eeramaana Rojave (Playback Singer)

     1991 Killer (Playback Singer - as Nagoor)

     1991 Nirnayam (Playback Singer)

     1991 Kshana Kshanam (Playback Singer - as Nagoor Babu)

     1991 Siva Shakthi (Playback Singer)

     1991 Madhura Nagarilo (Playback Singer)

     1990 Iddaru Iddare (Playback Singer)

     1990 Kodama Simham (Playback Singer)

     1990 Anna Thamudu (Playback Singer)

     1990 Panakkaran (Playback Singer)

     1990 Qaidi Dada (Playback Singer)

     1989 Raja Chinna Roja (Playback Singer)

     1989 Lankeshwarudu (Playback Singer)

     1989 Shiva (Playback Singer)

     1989 Koduku Diddina Kapuram (Playback Singer)

     1989 Vijay (Playback Singer)

     1988 Yamudiki Mogudu (Playback Singer)

     1987 Vedam Puthithu (Playback Singer)

     1987 Theertha Karayinile (Playback Singer)

     1987 Agni Putrudu (Playback Singer)

     1987 Nayakan (Playback Singer)

     1987 Collectorgari Abbayi (Playback Singer)

     1986 Kaliyuga Pandavulu (Playback Singer)

  • Mano
    1. He received the prestigious "Kalaimaamani" Award from the Government of Tamil Nadu.
    2. Nandi award for many songs from the Government of Andhra Pradesh in 2000.
    3. He has also been awarded by many popular cultural associations in India.
    4. He received the Gold Bracelet and "Gana Samrat" from APNA foundation Atlanta, USA on April 14, 2008.